Our mission is to revolutionize the look and performance of the T-Rex. The designs created by our team are internationally acclaimed. We use high tech materials and techniques to produce higher quality results. The Aero3s is a show stopper wherever it makes an appearance. We truly believe Aero3s will eventually be responsible for a new industry of next-generation performance vehicules.

So what does the complete kit include?

Body: Complete fiberglass body with doors and hinges delivered in a gel coat primer (silver)
Wheels & tires: 2 front aluminium wheels (12'' x 7.5'', 205/45/16) 1 rear aluminium wheel (18'' x 10.5'', 295/30/18)
Frame: Structural 1.5'' tubular steel powder black coat with complete roll-cage
Safety: Triangulated side walls and front crash zone, 3 points safety belts with adjustable shoulder strap, 4 piston calipers on front wheels, reinforced safety roll-cage, halogen Hi-Low protection beam and fog lights
Suspension: Unequal opposed traingular arms, shocks dampers with adjustable coil over and sway bar swing arm, mono shock dampers with adjustable coil over
Accessories: Interior package, seat belt, fuel tank package, accessory package, light package, steering rack package, steering & quick release, powder coat chassis and suspension, front & rear sprocket, gas pump, 2 leather seats, engine brackets, bracket for the suit cases
Options: Electric reverse, 2 givi suit case (like in the pictures), 2 yoshimura exhaust pipes

The Aero3s is street legal in the USA and we ship all around the world.

Individual parts

PART Description Fiber Glass Carbon Fiber Look Carbon Fiber
WIND ST-1 Big Lexan windshield with brackets for Aero Kit (Stage 1) 795,00 $    
DOORS Doors for the Aero Kit. Hardware included. 2.495.00 $ 3.995,00 $ 4.995,00 $
WIND ST-3 Full Lexan windshield for Aero Kit with screws (Stage 3) 650,00 $    
AERO DASH New dash with 2 carbon fiber pieces 1.295.00 $    
MOUL CAM Moulding for back up camera 150,00 $ 200,00 $  
SMALL WINGS 2 small wings Aero kit 495,00 $ 695,00 $ 895,00 $
ENG COV Aero engine cover 695,00 $    
LIGHT 07 Set of 2007 lights covers. Lights and brackets not inclued 200,00 $    
RING 4 aluminum rings for 2007 lights set up 200,00 $    
CARB FEND Set of original 3 points fender in carbon fiber     595,00 $

Our models

SCORPION Description Fiber Glass Carbon Fiber Look Turn key
(ready to drive)
BODY KIT STAGE 1 Upper wings, Lower wings, Fenders, 2 Hella fog lights, 2 Aluminum rings, 2 Fog light brakets. 4.995 $    
BODY KIT STAGE 2 Rolling kit included, complete rolling frame with full fiber glass body. (engine package not included) 29.995 $    
BODY KIT STAGE 3 Full body kit Aero, doors, aero dash, 3 backs windows, full lexan, windshield, small wings, low wings, hardware included. 9.999 $ 18.995 $ 52.995 $

- New models coming summer 2015 -

SHARK (NEW) Description Fiber Glass Carbon Fiber Look Turn key
(ready to drive)
BODY KIT STAGE 3 Details to follow.     59.999$

WOLF (NEW) Description Fiber Glass Carbon Fiber Look Turn key
(ready to drive)
BODY KIT STAGE 3 Details to follow.     69.999$



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